Is it Between You and Me or You and I?

Charis for writing
Lesson #3

English has the subject pronouns: I, YOU,HE, SHE, IT, WE, and THEY; and the object pronouns: ME, YOU, HIM, HER, IT, US and THEM.

Subject because it is the doer of the action and object because it is the recipient of the action.

Very simple but often forgotten when it comes to you and I/me.

You and I is used when it is the subject of the sentence.
Eg. You and I will make a good pair

You and me is when it occupies the object position and often has a preposition before it.
Eg. This is about you and me

If u ever get confused, try replacing I with the subject pronouns and ME with the object pronouns to see if they fit.

So it is ‘between you and me’ because we say ‘between you and him’ not he.

Hope you learnt something this week. Enjoy good writing. We are back next week😊






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