Using Apostrophes II

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Lesson 3

Using Apostrophes II

Welcome to your online writing class. This is our second lesson on apostrophe usage and we will examine when it’s appropriate to use apostrophes.

Basically, in English, the apostrophe is used in two contexts: possession and omission.

Possession: The apostrophe is used to signify that something belongs to someone. The apostrophe is put after the possessor and ‘s’ is put after or before for singular or plural.
The people’s opinion
Ladies’ club etc.

Omission : When one or more letters in a word is/are omitted, the apostrophe is put in there as a replacement. This explains why we have ‘it’s’ and ‘he’s’ to mean it is and he is / he has. Other examples are : Ma’am (Madam), o’er (over), where’er (wherever). But you certainly can’t go about putting apostrophes everywhere because you are too lazy to write everything!

Hope you learnt something this week.  We’re back next week.

QUESTION OF THE  WEEK : Is there a difference between single and double quotation marks (‘ ‘/” “)?
Well, some argue that there is while others simply think it’s a choice of style. Some prefer the double for direct quotes and the single for sarcastic and out-of-place words and comments. I use both interchangeably but when both are in one sentence , I use the double for the larger one and single for the one inside.
Eg. Chloe said: “I was on my way here when I met a girl crying ‘Mama,  don’t go’ near my gate”

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