Report Writing

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Lesson 33
Report Writing

We were recently contacted by a client to edit a report and our findings motivated us to put together a series of writing official documents. We start with reports this week.

What a report is not:
1. It is not a letter (so ‘from’, ‘to’ and ‘dear sir’ are inappropriate unless otherwise stated)
2. It is not creative or imaginative writing (so stick to facts; not to impress)
3. It is not an argumentative document (so stay away from opinions and stick to facts)

A report is an account of an event(s) heard, observed or investigated over a defined period of time. There are several writings which can be considered reports. What enters a report or the general outlook of a report may depend on personal style but we will propose what we believe are essential components of any good report in a professional setting.

1. A heading which includes the TIME element
2. A summary
3. Introduction
4. Details / Breakdown /Body of report
5. Conclusion
6. Recommendations

In our next lesson, we will further explain what these sections comprise.

Thanks for sticking with us. Hope you learnt something this week. We are back next week. Do send us your comments too!

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