Report Writing II

Charis for writing

Lesson 34
Report Writing II
Parts of a report

1. Heading: Every good report must have a title. This title tells unambiguously what the report is about and the period in question.

2. Summary : sometimes referred to as the abstract, this element is a brief description of what is contained in the report ; from beginning to end. It should be as brief as possible but should contain all important information. Though it is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended since some people look out for it.

3. Introduction : In your introduction, the background to the study, the scope of the study and all important terms are defined. You also put the when, where and why of the report.

4. Body:  This is where the details are put down in a coherent and logical manner. To help with coherence, organise this part under subsections with one idea or period at a time.

5. Conclusion : here, you put down your final thoughts on the report by giving a brief summary and other comments. You must convince your reader here that your report did exactly what it set out to do in the beginning.

6. Recommendations
Optional but also highly recommended. This is where your opinion is solicited. If your report was investigative, then this part is necessary to spell out what you advise per the findings.

In conclusion, try to use simple language so everyone understands. Today, verbosity does not impress, it only makes people think you are a show-off.

We have some sample reports online, so stick around for the link. Hope you learnt something this week. We are back next week. Do send us your comments too! 

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