Writing Memos

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Lesson 35
Writing a Memo

Happy new year!!!  It’s been quite a long break and we’re glad to announce we are back with your favourite online English lessons. We continue our lessons on writing official documents with writing a memo.

What is a memo? It is an official piece of writing intended to inform a specific group of people or persuade them to take a particular action. Memoranda may involve only two people or a group of persons.

What a memo is not:
1. It is not a letter so does not need the salutation ‘Dear Sir’ etc.
2. It is not an opportunity to impress with words, be specific

When writing a memo, one must clearly identify the audience to be able to choose the appropriate language and be as concise as possible. Normally, one or two pages are perfect for a memo.

The standard parts of a memo are:
1. The heading (to, from, date, subject)
2. The context
3. Discussion
4. Closing.
Optional parts are the summary for long memos and attachments for added documents.

Next week, we will discuss the parts in detail.

We have some sample memos online, so stick around for the link. Hope you learnt something this week. We are back next week. Do send us your comments too!

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