Writing Proposals

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Lesson 38
Drafting a proposal

There’s just so much to write on proposals that our lesson on proposals will be very brief.

A proposal is any document written from one party to another in a bid to inform them and persuade them to take a particular action. It is like a guy informing a lady about his love for her and giving her reasons he is the best person for her to date. Our focus here is on business proposals.

Here are some things to remember :
1. The main aim of a proposal is to convince, not to inform. So don’t go on giving all the info and leaving out reasons for which the person should buy into what you are selling.

2. Obviously, a proposal should be well organised. Style is important and you also need to show coherence form intro to body to conclusion. The details of the body reflect the style you choose.

3. A good proposal must have projections: Time and money. The budget and the time frame for what you are selling are important so the person can really see what he is benefitting.

4. Unless necessary, avoid lengthy documents though you must make sure you provide enough information. Most people don’t want any questions unanswered when they read a proposal and tend to ignore those that seem to lack all the details.

5. Be specific, include technical terms and avoid verbosity which may put people off. Don’t write ‘sales will be improved’ : that’s too general, state how and by what percentage that would happen.

6. Ensure you edit and proofread it to remove unnecessary material and correct grammatical errors. You should get professionals (like us) to do that for you.

You may or may not use images (I always do); but whatever you do, make it captivating enough to read 🙂

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