Charis for writing

Charis for writing

Lesson 39
Word study: IMMINENT vrs EMINENT

Let’s do one of our word studies this week. Today, we look at EMINENT and IMMINENT; obviously because the similarity in pronunciation is responsible for the confusion. Their meanings could not be farther apart. You are specially welcome to today’s class.

IMMINENT : it is an adjective used to mean that something is very close to happening. Usually, it is used to describe an undesirable event that is much anticipated or bound to occur because of prevailing circumstances.
Synonym is looming.
Eg: There is an imminent rise in inflation ( because of the recent rise in prices).

EMINENT: Whenever you hear this word, you should think of prominent. It refers to someone (or something) outstanding, very important or well known.
Synonym is successful and well known.
Eg: That company has a board that is replete with eminent businessmen.

Though both are adjectives, both have different pronunciations and meanings. Don’t forget one is ‘i’ and the other ‘e’

Next week, we start our series on agreement and I am really looking forward to it. 🙂
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