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Charis for Writing: Lesson 53. Regardful or regardless?

Vocabulary Study: With regard to/ In regard to/ As regards

A warm welcome to your favourite online English class. Today, we look at the expressions: With regard to/ In regard to/ As regards. Let’s begin with a study of the word: Regard.

Regard, basically, can be a verb or a noun. This means you can have to regard or a regard. To regard is to consider or have a certain estimation of something or someone.
Eg. She does not regard men who do not have money.
A regard is an appearance, a concern or respect.
Eg. Carnivores have no regard for other smaller animals.
This is distinct from regards (plural) which means friendly greetings.
Eg. My regards to the family

It would, then, be appropriate to consider expressions with regard as referring to the relationship between things. Consequently, the three expressions for today can all be replaced with the word: concerning.

With regard to : With regard to the upcoming elections, we believe Ghanaians should strive for peace.
In regard to: In regard to the upcoming elections, all political parties should encourage supporters to be tolerant
As regards : As regards the upcoming elections, media houses should promote balanced and transparent coverage.

Traditional grammar does not accept with regards to or as regards to as correct because of the original meaning of regards. If I said “with regards to”, it could mean “my friendly greetings to” (and not concerning). So, I also avoid it because of the ambiguity.
However, as regards is correct (not as regards to) because here, regards is an adverb and there is no to at the end.

Today, it is possible to see expressions such as with regards to etc, but this does not necessarily make it right. People aiming at mastering the beautiful language will do well to master this too.

Well, we hope this lesson was useful. Catch us again next time for another interesting lesson.

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