Special Plurals

Charis for writing Special plurals Welcome to this week's online writing class. This week, we look at some special plurals in English that you might not even be aware of! 1. Latinate plurals: originally Latin words, these nouns end with 'us' or 'um' in the singular and are changed to 'I' or 'ia' or 'a'… Continue reading Special Plurals


Using Apostrophes II

Charis for writing Lesson 3 Using Apostrophes II Welcome to your online writing class. This is our second lesson on apostrophe usage and we will examine when it's appropriate to use apostrophes. Basically, in English, the apostrophe is used in two contexts: possession and omission. Possession: The apostrophe is used to signify that something belongs… Continue reading Using Apostrophes II


Word Study: LOOSE, LOSE, LOSS and LOST.

Lesson 2 Per a special request, we are repeating an old lesson this week. Word Study: LOOSE, LOSE,  LOSS and LOST. Because of the closeness of their pronunciation, people tend to confuse the orthography of 'loose' and 'lose' and that of 'lost' and 'loss.' But these words are not synonymous and have different meanings,  sometimes… Continue reading Word Study: LOOSE, LOSE, LOSS and LOST.