Yourselves vs Each other vs One another

So, is there a difference between these three words and if there is, what is it? At the level of similarity, these are all pronouns but are not necessarily interchangeable.

Each other is used when an action is reciprocated between two people ie one does it and the other does the same in return
Eg: A couple must love each other

One another is used like each other and its used when the action is between more than two parties.
Eg: The players shook hands with one another.

This is traditional grammar. Today however, ‘each other’ and ‘one another’ are used interchangeably and this is widely accepted (though I prefer the old view). So we can say: The traders greeted each other/ one another.

As for yourselves, it is the plural of yourself and no other party is involved. ‘Each person to do the action on yourself’
Eg: Say good things to yourselves daily. ( to yourself not another!)

Hope you learnt something this week. Be careful when using these pronouns next time. We’re back next week. Enjoy good writing😊

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